ReMendIt 360 - Tenants, Owners, Vendors and Property Managers

The ONLY Complete Solution for Property Management and Maintenance Services

Interact with your Vendors, Tenants and Property Owners in ONE place

Stay on Top of Your Tenant Requests, Maintenance Activities and Your Vendors' Progress

Save Time

What if you didn’t spend the majority of your day chasing your vendors and following up with your tenants?​

With ReMendIt you can spend less time on the phone and over email trying to get a hold of your stakeholders.

Improve Quality

What if your tenants’ service requests were completed on time?​

Never forget to complete a task or miss reviewing your vendor’s progress when you use ReMendIt, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Save Money

What if you could save money by knowing exactly what you’ve spent so far on maintenance activities?

ReMendIt’s property dashboards let you know exactly what you’ve spent on your service requests historically and in real-time.

Manage Your Maintenance and Vendors

  • Collaborate directly with your Vendors to keep your maintenance activities and tasks organized and on-track.
  • Drive accountability with your Vendors through real-time dashboards and automatic task notifications.
  • Always know the status of each of your assets, scheduled maintenance activities and periodic inspections.
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Improve Tenant Satisfaction

  • Give your tenants a single portal where they can log and track the status of their requests.
  • Allow Tenants to self-help by granting access to their payment status and history including printing receipts.
  • Manage the entire life-cycle of the Tenant relationship from the time they apply to the time they move out.
  • Ensure that your Tenants are always aware of events, inspections and regulatory noticies through a simple notification system.

Keep Your Owners Informed

  • Simple-to-use dashboards provide access to real-time and historical data that your Owners need to understand the health and performance of their assets.
  • Period-over-period reports are available that provide a clear view on how maintenance activities and spending are changing over time.
  • Activities that require approval from your Owners are automatically tracked and followed-up on to ensure nothing is missed and that everything is fully tracked.
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Designed and Developed For and By Highly Experienced Property Management Professionals

Are You Like One of the Professional Below? Then ReMendIt is for You!

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Ravi Sharma

Building Operator

With ReMendIt, I can manage, track and follow up on new, ongoing and pending service requests more efficiently by connecting with my vendors in real-time.

Woman with Light Blue Turtleneck Shirt

Sarah Balouch

Property Manager

I am now able to understand the full story behind any issue simply by monitoring progress through ReMendIt’s platform. I no longer need to wait for team update calls!

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Alex Yu

Head of Operations

I am able to gauge financial growth  by analyzing trends using data we have captured about our reactive and proactive maintenance transactions using ReMendIt.

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Mary Miller

Building Owner

With ReMendIt deployed in all of our facilities, I can identify major pain points and bright spots as we transparently manage issues and risks related to our buildings’ safety and profitability.

Want to Know How We Can Help You with Managing Every Aspect of your Property?

Our team of professionals are ready to show you how we’ve helped other businesses and property managers streamline their operations and spend more time on the things that matter.

Reach out today to speak with someone or to see a demo of how ReMendIt works.

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